Ayurvedic fall cooking class

Ayurvedic Cooking Series Returns

Rose and Donna are back with a new cooking class for ayurvedic healthy living. PLUS - we're outdoors and all in white for a unique pop-up picnic and dinner party. You have to read the details - and sign up because it'll sell out for sure!
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Ayurvedic fall cooking class

Get Your GLOW

Our GLOWGA event returns and we're so excited to be raising funds for Cancer Services in Sandusky. Grab your neon and glow sticks and necklaces as we'll be doing yoga under black light in the historic Gideon Owen Wine Co. basement. Join us!
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Ayurvedic fall cooking class

Lakeside Yoga!

Start your summer weekends off with some yoga at Lakeside Chautauqua! Join Rose each Friday at 9am, overlooking the magnificent Lake Erie Islands on the historic grounds of the Hotel Lakeside. Then stick around to Shop and Dine at Lakeside!
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Ayurvedic fall cooking class

We LOVE Nature!

Once again, Rose and Diana will be taking our Saturday and Sunday morning classes OUTSIDE at Root to Rise. Then you can stay for a healthy snack! Mark your calendars - STARTING May 28th!
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What's Your Sign!

Join Rose for each Monday at 6pm starting for special poses to match the energy of the zodiac!
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Yoga Nidra Lullaby
Rose Doug Sabin Owners Soul StretchRose Doug Sabin Owners Soul Stretch

A little more about Us!

  • Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

    This is the mantra my husband, Doug, has lived and breathed since 1986 (the year he got sober).  His expression is one of total gratitude and I share it too!  In 1997, I launched my first business, Marketing 101, a boutique advertising agency with the intention of helping local businesses grow.  In 2014, I launched Soul Stretch, a boutique yoga studio with the intention of helping individuals grow and so much has happened since then.  We now have TWO lovely little studios and hundreds of students who impact us as much as we impact them.

  • Super Friendly, Smaller Classes

    At Soul Stretch Yoga, our classes are super friendly, smaller in size and intimate in nature. We won't just change bodies, we'll change lives with dynamic instructors, soulful music and creatively crafted classes.

  • In our studio...

    you'll laugh, cut loose, clear your head, and empower your body and brain to live your best life. It is our mission that all who enter leave happier, healthier and more passionately inspired.

Special Events

Astro Yoga
July 4th Yoga Pond
New Year's Yoga

Karma Yoga - the Yoga of Service

At Soul Stretch Yoga, we believe deeply in Karma Yoga - the Yoga of Service.  This is why we host an average of 3 fundraisers per year at each of our little studios.  Over the years we've hosted dozens of fun, charitable events and raised thousands of dollars for a variety of local non-profits in Westlake and Catawba.  We can't do it without the love and support of our amazing yoga community and we are so grateful to you.  Namas-PAYITFORWARD

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