July 4th Freedom Flow

with Rose - Monday, July 4th, 9AM
at Pond behind Root to Rise

Kick off your 4th of July festivities early with our special Go Fourth & Pose All Levels Freedom Flow. Together, we'll celebrate our nations's freedom as well as our individual independence with a declaration of yoga poses to bring peace and balance into our lives. Drop in or class passes apply.

Yoga by the Lake at Lakeside Chautauqua

with Rose - Fridays at 9am,
Lakeside Chautauqua's Historic Hotel Lakeside
150 Maple Avenue.

Come practice ALL LEVELS YOGA OUTDOORS with Rose overlooking the magnificent Lake Erie Islands on the beautiful and historic grounds of the Hotel Lakeside.

Stick around afterwards to SHOP and DINE inside Lakeside at their fun Friday Morning Farmers Market as well as other lovely boutiques. All Soul Stretch students will be given a FREE 3-Hour Pass to stay and explore. Drop in or class passes apply.

PLEASE: register for the Friday morning class IN ADVANCE on KarmaSoft. Parking is available outside the gates of Lakeside with shuttle service to and from the Hotel, or enjoy a beautiful 10-minute walk from the parking lot to the Hotel.

Astro Yoga Flow

with Rose - Mondays at 6pm

Did you know that each Zodiac sign is associated with a specific part of the body? In this class we will harness and tap into the energy of each month's Zodiac Sign to practice yoga postures and flows that strengthen and energize the body port it RULES:
Sagittarius: Hips & Thighs
Capricorn: Knees & Skeletal System
Aquaris: Ankles & Circulatory System
Pisces: Feet & Lymphatic System
Aries: Head
Taurus: Neck
Gemini: Arms, Hands and Lungs
Cancer: Breasts, Chest & Stomach
Leo: Heart & Upper Neck
Virgo: Digestive Track & Lower Belly
Libra: Lower Back
Scorpio: Womb & Reproductive Organs.

Drop in or class passes apply.

Bride Tribe Yoga at Soul Stretch!

Over the last five years, certified yoga instructor and studio owner, Rose Sabin, has hosted over 100 brides to be and their bride tribes with her fun, bridal themed ALL-LEVELS 75 minute flow to fit the group.  Accessible to anyone, Rose's classes are a mix of heart opening poses, detoxifying twists and mind cleansing gentle stretches.

Through Rose's unique yoga sequence, guided visual and gong meditations, brides and their tribes will feel radiant and serene before their Big Day.

It's important to invest in your well-being and Yoga is a great way to start off your wedding celebrations.  Relax, detox and spend quality time with mom, sisters and girlfriends  Pamper yourself & your loved ones, while creating memories that will last a lifetime.
We offer affordable Yoga Packages as well as Yoga & Spin Packages for bachelorette parties, wedding parties and private sessions with the bride and her family. Packages include the class, music, aromatherapy and gong sivasana followed by Mimosas made with Prosecco (Italian Champagne) and fresh cold-pressed organic juice (courtesy of Root to Rise Wellness Café) as well as a special keepsake gift ("Yoga Swag") for the entire bridal party.

To Schedule your Bride Tribe class at our studio or at your home, hotel, favorite beach or park contact Rose at (440) 223-7673 or via email: rose@soulstretchmobileyoga.com