Yoga for Medicine

March 17 & 18, 2018
Donation Based Yoga Classes to Benefit a Medical Mission to Guatemala.
In Guatemala, the Mayan Indians are being neglected by their government for their basic medical needs.  The John Knox Presbyterian church in North Olmstead has been funding medical missions to the region for years to help stave off disease among the Mayan villages. This year's mission, in April, will bring much needed women's health care, eye care and basic dentistry to the people. Although all the members of the medical team pay their own travel and expenses, they still need to raise funds for critical medicines needed to alleviate pain and resolve infection issues.

Please join Soul Stretch Yoga as we help support this worthwhile cause and our own yoga student (Dr. Diana Kyrkos) who will be one of 23 medical professionals traveling this April.

Here’s how you can help:
Attend any class on Saturday, March 17th or Sunday, March 18th at Soul Stretch and your donation of only $5.00 gets you in for FREE along with one raffle ticket (or 3 tickets for $10) for a beautiful handknit blanket, made especially for our fundraising event by Dr. Kyrkos's mother, Elly.

Introduction to Inversions & Arm Balancing

with Kat & Jen L.
March 24th • 3 to 5pm

Are you ready to get more comfortable turning yourself upside-down? The inverted postures of yoga are extremely beneficial but can often seem intimidating. In this workshop, you’ll gain confidence for your inversion practice as you learn proper alignment, techniques, how to use props, and modifications. We’ll work on postures such as: crow, running man, shoulder stand, headstand, and forearm stand.

Aside from gaining more confidence and advancing your practice, the benefits to inversions are endless! Our heart gets a break, circulation is improved, organs get relief from gravity, the spine can decompress, the endocrine system is stimulated, the core is strengthened, the effects of age and gravity on the bodies is reduced, blood pressure is lowered, and the central nervous system is soothed- resulting in more mental clarity and calmer mind. And let’s be honest, turning yourself upside down is just plain fun:)

Join Jen & Kat for an afternoon of breaking out of your comfort zone and turning your world upside down! All levels welcome!
Cost: $35. To register, sign up via KarmaSoft.

Y12SR Leadership Training

with Dana Walters
Dates to be announced-check back for details.

This training is designed for yoga teachers wanting to work with the recovery population. It is also found to be extremely relevant and helpful for therapists, counselors, social workers, probation officers and others with a desire to understand how the ancient philosophies and practices of yoga align with the 12-step program of recovery.

To be a certified Y12SR Leader, you must complete both the Y12SR Leadership Training and Y12SR Intensive, which is now available online. We suggest taking the Online Intensive prior to Leadership Training.