Sugarplums & Savasana
Yoga & Cookie Exchange

December 24th, 9am
with Rose
Take a break from the holiday hustle and bustle with Rose's Christmas themed gentle yoga class. Then be ready to swap cookies!

Students are encouraged to bake a dozen or two of their favorite cookies to share. Packaging supplies and boxes will be provided by the studio so everyone goes home with a colorful variety of delicious cookies to last through the holidays.

Drop in or Class Passes apply.

Lucky New Year's Yoga & Pot Luck!

December 31st, 9am
Spend the last morning of 2021 with a special, gentle yoga class focusing on the Power of Visualization to maniffest a lucky New Year. Then stay for a delicious breakfast potluck! Students are asked to bring a simple breakfast casserole or muffins, fruit salad, nut granolas, coffee cakes, etc. to share. Refreshments from Root to Rise Wellness Cafe as well as Rose's sparkling Campari Punch Cocktails will be provided.

Drop in or Class Passes apply.

Easy Into it: 30-Day Yoga, Spin & Juice Cleanse Journey returns!

January 16th through February 13th, 2022

Join Rose for a life-changing experience to be present, eat mindfully, break old habits and establish new healthy rituals in 2022.

You’ll receive (4) total yoga or spin classes PER WEEK at Soul Stretch Yoga and Soul Stretch Cycle in Port Clinton Any class, any time. The goal is to move your body for at least 30-60 minutes each and every day or several times per week

Cut Out a Whole Category of Food that’s not serving you well….sugar, diet soda, white bread, fast food, snacks, alcohol, etc.  Replace it with five servings of fruit or veg per day. Eat Only Whole Foods for 30 Days. You’ll learn how to select and cook with clean, WHOLE, sustainable and delicious foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, fish, meat and more.

Drink Lots of Water:  Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every single day.  Take your body weight divide it in two, turn it into ounces, and drink.  It’s flushing toxins, your skin will look better, and will keep you regular.

Drink Lots of Juice:  You’ll receive (2) 16 oz Cold Pressed Juices of your choice from Root to Rise Wellness Café per week. 

Release:  You’ll learn how to break habits and let go of things weighing you down, physically and mentally.
Reset:  You’ll learn how to establish NEW daily rituals including a gratitude practice.
Restore:  You’ll learn how to practice the principles of breath work and building blocks of meditation to find calm and balance
Attend (3) Meet Ups with Rose:
January 16th (BEGIN)
February 6th (CHECK IN)
February 13th (MOVE ON)
5-6PM at Soul Stretch Yoga Studio

*Lots of Educational Materials will be provided along the way with Twice Weekly Emails from Rose filled with wisdoms, recipes and other soul lifting takeaways to help support you on your Wellness Journey into 2022.

4-Week Program Costs: $129
16 Yoga or Spin classes
(4/week = min. $192 value)8 Cold Pressed Juices  (2/week) = $72 value)
Two Coaching Sessions with Rose, Educational Materials, More  ($50 value)

Total Value = $314
YOUR COST = $129! (that’s more than half off!)
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Hot Power Flow

with Darla - Mondays at 6-7:15pm.

Learn to use the rhythm of deep breaths for a “one breath, one movement” flow.  This practice is a meditation in motion which will strengthen, stretch and transform your body.  Room will be heated to about 90 degrees to help warm the muscles, allowing them to release more deeply into the poses.

Drop in or class passes apply.

Yoga Sculpt

with Diana - Tuesdays at 7pm

Yoga Sculpt will incorporate the option to add 3 pound dumbbell weights during a slower flow. Gentle booty and core work will be added to boost your metabolism as well as tighten and tone your body.

Drop in or class passes apply.

Twist & Flow

with Tina - Tuesdays at 6pm.

Join us for a 55 minute twist & flow class designed to detox your entire body.  You’ll flow through a fun set of twisty poses that target the muscles of your spine, like twisted lunges, chair twists, revolving half-moons and much more. Twisting poses help restore the spine’s natural range of motion, cleanse the internal organs and stimulate better circulation.  Good for all levels of practitioners.

Drop in or class passes apply.

Bride Tribe Yoga at Soul Stretch!

Over the last five years, certified yoga instructor and studio owner, Rose Sabin, has hosted over 100 brides to be and their bride tribes with her fun, bridal themed ALL-LEVELS 75 minute flow to fit the group.  Accessible to anyone, Rose's classes are a mix of heart opening poses, detoxifying twists and mind cleansing gentle stretches.

Through Rose's unique yoga sequence, guided visual and gong meditations, brides and their tribes will feel radiant and serene before their Big Day.

It's important to invest in your well-being and Yoga is a great way to start off your wedding celebrations.  Relax, detox and spend quality time with mom, sisters and girlfriends  Pamper yourself & your loved ones, while creating memories that will last a lifetime.
We offer affordable Yoga Packages as well as Yoga & Spin Packages for bachelorette parties, wedding parties and private sessions with the bride and her family. Packages include the class, music, aromatherapy and gong sivasana followed by Mimosas made with Prosecco (Italian Champagne) and fresh cold-pressed organic juice (courtesy of Root to Rise Wellness Café) as well as a special keepsake gift ("Yoga Swag") for the entire bridal party.

To Schedule your Bride Tribe class at our studio or at your home, hotel, favorite beach or park contact Rose at (440) 223-7673 or via email:

Chair Fusion Friday

with Rose - Friday's at 10:30 AM

Chair Fusion is a FUN class for ANYONE!If you are looking for a relaxing stretch of the entire body along with a focus on deep breathing while using the chair as a prop, then this is the class for you!

Appropriate for all ages and levels, this class uses a chair and other yoga props for spinal twists, hip stretches, forward folds, shoulder rinses, down dogs and much more.  You’ll gain flexibility and balance too!No experience required. Drop in or class passes apply.