Rose Sabin
rose sabin
Studio Owner & Warrior Spirit

Called to Service:  I received my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification from Inner Bliss Yoga, May of 2014
What's at the Core:  Service to others, gratitude for my amazing life and giving back as often as possible.  I believe how you do one thing is how you do everything, so give EVERYTHING 110%
Personal Mantra:  Do What You Love
Favorite Fellow Warriors:  my husband, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey.
Balancing Act off the Mat:  running two small businesses while still finding time to walk the dogs and make dinner!
Good for the Soul:  walks in the woods, summers at the lake, trips to Maui, travels through Italy, a good book by the fire, a Sunday afternoon spent cooking, a kick ass yoga or spin class, and lots of warm/fuzzy moments with my mutts

Kat Hollo
kat hollo
small wonder of the yoga-verse & Director of Studio Development

Called to Service:  RYT 200 Hr, Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas, 2008
What's at the Core:  Like many people, I struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, always searching for happiness in other people, places and things.  Yoga gave me a glimpse of what true happiness was, and realized I hadn't been looking in the right place; happiness was inside of myself, and yoga was the tool I needed to reach it
Practice Makes Patient:  Yoga has taught me patience, self-love, and perseverance; it has showed me how to be tough and soft all at the same time.  My classes are honest, relatable, challenging, and will help you grow physically and mentally stronger.  Come prepared to dive deep into yourself; to find the courage to let go; to find the happiness that lies within.
Balancing Act off the Mat:  I'm the proud momma of Olive, a beautiful, lively little girl.  Together we spend a lot of time with our dog at parks and doing outdoor activities.  I am also in school full time, pursuing a degree in Urban Studies at CSU.
Good for the Soul:  I enjoy art in all forms (especially photography), LIVE music, spending time with my amazing friends, cooking and drinking wine
Follow the Yogi:  You can also practice with Kat at Krysia Energy Yoga in Westlake and The Studio Cleveland.

Colleen Kane
Gentle Strength

Called to Service:  I received my 200 hour training and certification from Marni Task in 2012 and am currently pursing my 500 certification from Yoga on High in Columbus with additional certifications in SEKOIA, Meditation & Pranayama
What's at the Core:  Encouraging everyone to share their unique divine light
Balancing Act off the Mat:  When I'm not teaching, I'm a vocalist, HR manager for Bella Capelli, part time bookkeeper for Kane Podiatry (my husband's practice) and mother to 3 amazing daughters.
Good for the Soul:  singing, cooking, time with my husband, meandering philosophical discussions and red wine (not necessarily in that order!)
Follow The Yogi:  You can also practice with Colleen at Krysia Energy Yoga in Westlake and Three Sisters Yoga in Avon

Colleen Kanesekoia teapot
Lana Sevel
lana sevel
Lovely Dancer

Called to Service:  I received my 200 hour RYT from Krysia Energy Yoga in 2013.
What's at the Core:  Gratitude is attitude.  I have an innate passion for family, friends, animals, making a difference in someone's life, working hard, dancing, music, yoga, and overall wellness. Teaching yoga is one of the ways to share these energies and help others.
Balancing Act off the Mat:  Volunteering, working for an international company, traveling, making dinner, yoga, fitness, enjoying quality time with my furry friends, not so furry friends and family.
Good for the Soul:  listening to music, playing the drums, getting lost in dance, confidence, laughter, acceptance, having an open mind and heart, entertaining, wine, helping others and yoga, of course!
Follow the Yogi:  You can also practice with Lana at New Life Massage and Whole Living in Avon Lake.

Tiffany Barbarine
Grace in Motion

Called to Service:  I received my 200 hour training and certification from Inner Bliss Studio in May, 2014 What's at the Core:  I feel like yoga is a secret treasure.  It has the power to heal a broken heart, to reconnect you to your true self, to improve relationships and to make you an over-all kinder person
Personal Guru:  Kim Payne
Just Breathe:  My classes are a dance of breath and movement, strength and grace.
Good for the Soul:  Being with my husband, kids and crazy dogs.
Follow the Yogi:  You can also practice with Tiffany at New Life Massage and Whole Living in Avon Lake and Blue Moon Yoga in Strongsville

Tiffany Barbarine
Jim Doughman
jim doughman
yoga jedi

Called to Service:  I received my 200 hour RYT from Krysia Energy Yoga in 2013
What's at the Core:  One part science, one part soul.  I love to dive deep into yogic philosophy and proper alignment of the body.
Grand stand:  Come to my class and share in the laughter and raise your voice if you feel the muse, as my sense of humor is pronounced.
Good for the Soul:  turning off my phone and computer, tuning into a science fiction program while feasting on a cheeseburger, fries, and a hearty IPA
Follow the Yogi:  You can also practice with Jim at Krysia Energy Yoga in Westlake and Ascenda Yoga in Lakewood

jill pawloski
peace practitioner

Called to Service:  Jill enrolled in Joy & Service Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours in January of 2011 and became certified through Prana Yoga in November of the same year.
What's at the Core:  Yoga changed Jill's life so much by helping ease her severe and debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, she wants to bring that experience into other people's lives as well.
Personal Gurus:  Jill had the honor of learning from and studying with some amazing teachers in the Cleveland area, including Kathleen Kossman, Rowan Silverberg, and Holly Clemens
Follow the Yogi: You can also practice with Jill at Circle of Life Yoga in Olmsted Falls, Modern Yoga in Strongsville and The Balanced Living Yoga Studio in Middleburg Hts

Jill Pawloski
jen mccarter
sober yogi

Called to Service: I completed my 200 your Vinyasa teacher training in 2012 through Rolf Gates Yoga. I have certifications in both Yin Yoga and Children’s Yoga.
What's at the Core:  I found yoga the summer I found freedom from addiction 25 years ago. Yoga has been my partner keeping me settled and grounded throughout 12 step process of recovery and the growth of a new life, clean and sober and healing my body, mind, and spirit.
Favorite Gurus:  Rolf Gates, Sean Guinan, Sagel Urlacher, Cindy Berliner and many others.
Balancing Act off the Mat:  I am a the Wellness Coordinator and yoga teacher for a local sober living program. I am married to my best friend and together we have a son and a daughter who remind us to adventure, breathe, and notice the moment.

Lori Palmer
lori palmer
life coach & soul illuminator

Called to Service:  Reiki First Degree Master Certified 1991, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training,  Inner Bliss 2014, Thai Massage Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, SUP Paddle Fit Certified Instructor, Business Owner, Single Mother of a Boy Genius and overall BADASS!
What's at the Core:  Lori is a firm believer in the value of meditation to reduce stress, calm the mind, and heal the body.
Purpose Driven Practice:  Lori's purpose is to bring more bliss and breath to your yoga practice with intelligent, integrated movement, mindfulness and meditation so we can live lighter each and every day.  Her classes will empower you to enhance your total health - mind, body and spirit
Balancing Act off the Mat:   Lori is a busy mom who also owns and operates Lume Wellness, a company that works with individuals, families and organizations to provide tools to grow health awareness through fitness, food and focused choices .  To learn more, visit her website at
Good for the Soul:  Knitting, reading, running, hiking, paddle boarding and cooking fresh whole foods are all the things that Lori loves to do
Follow the Yogi:  You can also practice with Lori at Krysia Energy Yoga in Westlake

brenda dillane
gentle maven of mental wellness

Balancing Act of the Mat:  I am a completed my RYT200 in July 2016 at The Zen Yoga & Healing Arts Studio
Personal Mantra:  "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."  -Antoine St. Exupery's "The Little Prince"
Favorite Guru:  Lilias Folan of "Lilias Yoga and You" PBS series from the '70s
Good for the Soul:  I love road trips, Jazz, Britcoms, recycling, nature, purring cats, my son, my husband, wine and chocolate!

Brenda Dillane
Lori Palmer
nick cerri
Movement Architect

"The physical practice of Yoga, when utilized mindfully, becomes a powerful tool for self-transformation. The postures act as a doorway that, when coupled with breath, propel us into the boundless realm of personal inquiry and individual growth. As a teacher, it is my duty to help this become apparent to the student either through adjustments, descriptive language, or a combined effort of the two."

Nick's teaching weaves modern functional movement within the greater framework of a traditional yoga practice while maintaining a light-hearted and humorous approach. His focus on establishing healthy, practical patterns entwines with a symphony of balanced flowing postures to help the student become more aware of both the gross and subtle movements they are capable of. Nick draws from his background of Ashtanga and other Vinyasa-based systems as well as a scientific knowledge of the body's anatomy and movement. Nick's practice, teaching style, and personal study are constantly evolving so expect something a little different every time.

Called to Service:  Received 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa certification during March 2014 while studying under Jamie Clarke and Dulce Aguilar in Goa, India.
What's at the Core:  Compassion and Integrity come to mind. Simplicity and elegance where possible.
Personal Mantra: Take it easy. And if it's easy, take it twice.

Anita ribout
the canadian yogi

What’s at the core: Thanks to yoga and meditation Anita continues to learn how to get out of her own way! Plagued with ‘negative-self talk’ for most of her life, yoga and meditation free her from the ‘negative untruths’  and have created space for ‘positivity and peace’.  Anita will always be grateful to her sweet friend in Canada for getting her stubborn butt to a yoga class at the incredible Shanti Yoga in Hamilton where the journey to healing and wellness began in 2010.
Supportive Power: Finding inner strength to battle self doubt and uncertainty help build a personal sense of resiliency, but we are not meant to journey through this life alone. Anita's purpose is to provide a supportive environment for her students to feel their own personal power and strength while having some fun, sharing some smiles and most of all remembering to ‘play’ in their yoga practice while exploring their edge.
Called to Service: Anita studied under Kimberly Payne and received her 200HR Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2016 from Gathering Tree Yoga.

Brenda Dillane
andrea d'amORE
Self Love Advocate

Called to Service:  I completed my 200-hr training with Marni Task in May 2014. I also have my second degree in Reiki attunements and am certified in Thai Massage.
What's at the Core:  While I love teaching yoga, I am first and foremost a student.  I found yoga after being introduced by a friend who knew it was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. Yoga has helped me to heal physically and emotionally and taught me to love myself and know my worth more than I ever had before.   I am excited to see how far my practice will continue to take me.
Balancing Act of the Mat:  I work full time as a wellness coordinator, empowering and educating people to make choices towards a healthy lifestyle.
Habit of the Heart:   Music is my drug of choice and I will never turn down the opportunity to attend a live show and dance or to play my fiddle.
Good for the Soul:  I LOVE cooking healthy whole, fresh foods, hanging with my best friend (4 legged of course) Sadie Jane.  I also love camping and communing in nature as much as possible. I would love to travel one day.
Follow the Yogi:  You can also practice with Andrea at Source Energy Yoga in Lakewood.

Allie Carney
peace practitioner

Called to Service:  I received my 200 hr in 2014 through Inner Bliss and did a Children's Yoga teacher training at the Omega Institute through Little Flower Yoga, based in NY.
What's at the Core:  I am incredibly grateful for the huge amount of support I have from my family and friends.
Personal Mantra:  Practice :)
Favorite Fellow Warriors: MY DAD!!!!! 
Balancing Act Off the Mat: Running is my other form of yoga :) Putting one foot in front of the other through life.
Good for the Soul: My wonderful and amazing nephews!!! Porch Coffee, New York City, running, breathing, teaching.

Jill Pawloski
deirdre wenzel
Creative Soul

Deirdre is a registered yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 200).  She first practiced yoga as a college student in the 1980s and although savasana was greatly appreciated, the practice didn't initially stick.   Following career #1 and a couple of babies, she rediscovered yoga and has had a dedicated personal practice since 1999, and has been teaching since 2010. Deirdre teaches vinyasa yoga to all levels of students.  Her classes are relaxed and inviting with a creative flow, set to an eclectic mix of music.  Bits of anatomy, alignment, breath practices, yoga history & philosophy are integrated throughout her teaching.

She enjoys practicing with all levels of yogis, offering options to keep it accessible for new yogis and challenging for the more experienced.  Pranayama, chair yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra are also styles of yoga that she is excited to teach.

Deirdre received her 200 hour teaching certification with Mitchel Bleier in 2010 and will complete her 300 hour certification through Yoga on High in Columbus, Ohio in the fall of 2017.

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