Rose Sabin
rose sabin
E-RYT 200, Studio Owner & Warrior Spirit

Called to Service: In 2011, at the age of 43, I discovered the power of yoga while attending my first class – a hot powerful vinyasa flow class.  I first went to yoga for the workout; I wanted to get fit and lose a few pounds.  But I kept coming back to the practice because I quickly learned that yoga is not just a work out, it’s a “work in.”  Slowly, the negative soundtracks in my head were silenced and those thoughts of unworthiness were replaced with feelings of self-love.  As I discovered this new pathway to peace, I recognized it as a means of healing and I wanted to share it with others.  I received my 200 yoga teacher training certification from Inner Bliss Yoga in May of 2014.  Since then, I’ve been on a mission to be of service to others while doing the things I love most.  I am very proud of the two studios we launched (Westlake in 2016 and Catawba in 2018) as well as the budding yoga community we have built.
What's at the Core:  As a breast cancer survivor and the wife of a recovering alcoholic, I am grateful for everything God has given to me, taken from me, and left me with.  I believe how you do one thing is how you do everything, so give everything 110%.
Personal Mantra:  Do What You Love
Favorite Fellow Warriors:  my husband, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey.
Balancing Act off the Mat:  running two small businesses while still finding time to walk the dogs and make dinner!
Good for the Soul:  When I’m not teaching yoga at one of our studios, I live for quiet walks in the woods, summers spent at the lake, trips to Maui, travels through Italy, a good book by the fire, an entire Sunday spent cooking, afternoon coffee with my husband and lots of warm, fuzzy moments with my two mutts.

alyssa morter
Yoga Instructor

Called to Service: RYT200 Soul Collective 2019 — Soul Stretch Yoga
What's at the Core: I started doing online yoga videos after my son was born. It wasn’t until the summer of 2017 that I attended my first yoga class. I went for a workout but ended up finding a release from my anxiety and permission to take care of myself. I started to crave more and more yoga so I signed up for yoga teacher training the following year. That training changed my life. I am now able to use what I have learned through breathing, postures and meditation to continue to work through my anxiety and find stillness among the craziness of life.
Good for the Soul: My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family! We love going to the beach, exploring in the woods, camping, having movie nights, playing at the park, singing at the top of our lungs, and having the craziest dance parties. In my free time, I enjoy running, singing, playing guitar and piano, eating local, date nights, and laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. I am passionate about providing healthy food for my family but also really enjoy our walks to the ice cream shop!
Personal Mantra: “A bird cannot hold its perch and fly. Either can I hold on to anything and be free.”
Balancing Act Off the Mat:  I am married to my best friend and I am the momma of 3 amazing kids who keep me very busy! I have been a stay-at-home mom since my first daughter was born but am so blessed for this new season of sharing the healing power of yoga with others. I am also involved with the music at our church and find a lot of healing there as well.

darla mc mackin
Yoga Instructor

Called to Service:  In 2018, looking for variety in my fitness routine, I rediscovered yoga after moving to Catawba Island. Yoga absolutely captured my heart. I completed YTT in May 2020 with deep gratitude for the loving wisdom of my YTT teachers.
What's at the Core:  I’ve discovered that the depths of yoga take time, patience and practice. With practice, I’ve grown stronger, more flexible, and fearless on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully, be more kind, generous and loving.  I consistently feel better able to remain calm in difficult situations.  With teaching, understanding that each person has their own fitness level, I seek to help others find more balance in their lives by nurturing body, mind and soul with breathing, poses, meditation and encouragement.
Balancing Act Off the Mat:  I have many interests including spending quality time with family and friends, cooking and nutrition, traveling, hiking, biking, walking, music, books, volunteer opportunities and gardening.

Darla McMakin
dr. diana kyrkos-davenport
Yoga Instructor & Soul Collective YTT Teacher

Called to Service:  I have been practicing yoga since 2009 after my family was involved in a car accident.  My practice of yoga was a major component to my recovery.  I received my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification from Cleveland Yoga in April 2018
What's at the Core:  I am a pediatric dentist by trade.  I love my profession but I found my job was taking a toll on my back and neck and psyche.  My practice of yoga has truly saved my practice of dentistry.  Through core poses and meditation, I rarely experience the pains in my body and “burn out” that are often associated with dentistry.  My goal is to share my knowledge of medicine and yoga with my students.
Personal Mantra:  “She believed she could and so she did” with positive thinking and belief in yourself, anything can be achieved.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Balancing Act Off the Mat:  My husband, Dr. John Davenport and I serve as medical missionaries to the Mayan Indians of Guatemala.  I love to snow ski and to play tennis, particularly with my son, Alex.  I’m crazy about my dogs and my travel goal is to visit all the wonders of the world!

Diana Kyrkos
Elaina Conti
doug sabin
Yoga Instructor

Called to Service: I began my yoga journey in 2013 in support of my wife, Rose. I enjoyed the physical part of yoga, but then I discovered the spiritual side. It made me become a little more mindfull as well As I listened to the instructors words, I found that yoga was three parts: mind, body and spirituality.
What's at the Core:  Being a recovering alcoholic, one of the true gifts I received when I became sober was to be of service and to help others. I'm finding that as a yoga teacher, there are a lot of parallels to this. I've been given another way of helping others in their practice and on the mat.
Personal Mantra: Pinch me, I'm dreaming!
Favorite Gurus: God.  My wife, because I admire her tenacity and her ability to give 110% to anything she is passionate about.  My sponsor, Bob P. who is like a second father me and one of the wisest men I know.
Balancing Act of the Mat:  I sponsor a lot of men in AA.  Nothing gives me more joy that seeing someone turn their life around and then pass it on to others.
Good for the Soul:  I love to hang out with my wife and friends.  I’m a grandfather to two adorable little girls.  I’m known as a “PET-ophile” because of my love of animals.  In my off time, I love to golf, boat, travel, watching movies, reading books. I LOVE FOOD!  But most of all, I love making people laugh.

Elaina Conti
elaina conti
Yoga Instructor

Called to Service: I came to yoga in 2013 as a way to add to my fitness routine. I quickly realized that there is so much more to this practice than just the physical part. I was hooked! I had a yearning to dive deeper into the practice. Before I knew it I was in yoga teacher training. I received my 200 hr from Inner Bliss Yoga Studio's Be the Love Teacher Training in February 2018.
What's at the Core: Before yoga, I was extremely critical of myself, and was constantly getting hooked onto the negative thoughts that would come up. I would set crazy expectations and put pressure on myself to be perfect. I would overthink everything and be unsure of myself instead of trusting myself. Since yoga, I know that I am not my thoughts. Letting go of my insecurities and fears has made life incredibly lighter. I have the ability to be unapologetically me! I return to my mat because it is a reminder that I am able to accomplish some pretty amazing things that I never thought were possible before. It helps me to stay out of my head and in the moment!”
Personal Mantra: Grow through what you go through!

holly loper
yoga Instructor

Called to Service: I received my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification from Open Way Yoga, April of 2017. I received my Holistic Health Coach certificate the same year. In 2018 I got certified to lead Yoga 12 step recovery.
What's at the Core:
Feeling good! I want to help people love themselves again or maybe even for the first time in their life. There was a time when I didn’t. Self love changes your existence. I love my amazing life and I want others to love theirs too.
Personal Mantra:  
Live out loud! Live with intention!
Favorite Fellow Warriors:
My son, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Tony Robbins  and Robert Downy Jr. Just to name a few. I love a good underdog story!
Balancing Act Off the Mat:
Fun vs adulting!  Balancing these 2 has always been a struggle for me. In my 20’s I was completely bad, going off the rails living life hard having a grand old time. Then in My 30’s I was so good it seemed like I had a stick up my ass. I’ve been trying to “adult” without killing my zest for life. I think I might be on to something!
Good for the Soul:
Date nights with my  husband, girlfriend getaways, hanging out with my son, lifting weights, going for a run, curling up with a good book, laughing my butt off, boating on the river, traveling; I have a wanderlust soul, yoga, pranayama and talks with God.

jamie fitzgerald
Yoga Instructor

Called to Service:   RYT200 Open Way Yoga – Huron, Ohio 2018
What's at the Core:  Curiosity is what took me to my first yoga class in 2017.  I wanted to try it and kept talking myself out of going!  Finally, I made up my mind to go and that was it.  I was hooked!  The craziest part about all of this was I was so new to yoga – why would I go to the teacher training and become certified?  It was during my training that I realized that this was the “missing link” in my life.  Mind, spirit, body & breath took on a whole new meaning for me.  It was there that I could hear the subtle messages and quiet whisperings of the spiritual side of yoga, the philosophy, mantras, meditation and mudras that “called” to me – Yoga felt like home!  My yoga offerings are simply to share my passion with everyone.  I encourage the use of props to bring the pose to your body and most importantly, never to take myself too seriously!
Personal Mantra:  FEAR NOTHING!
Balancing off the Mat:  I’ve been working with my husband of 23 years run his family business.  We have 3 children, Ceilia – 26, Max – 22 and Jack – 18; They all have been so supportive with my yoga journey!  They are my world!!
Good for the Soul:   My other passion is being a classical music pianist.  I love paddle boarding in the lake and spending time at the cottage during the summer with my family; horseback riding with my husband and I love to travel!

kitty kaple
yoga instructor

Called to Service: RYT200 Omnigreen Yoga
What’s at the Core: In 2009, I attended my first yoga class with my 20-year-old daughter in Amherst. I had the hardest time calming my mind but by the time class was over, I felt great and slept well that night. I enjoyed it so much that I continued my practice while relocating to five different states along with my husband's job relocations. We are happy to be back full time to our "Happy Place". Yoga and meditation has helped me deal with the pain of arthritis, recovering from a few surgeries, anxiety from moving multiple times away from family and friends, and losing my mother. My goals of teaching are to spread kindness, wellness and self esteem. Yoga is a journey and is to be embraced by your own individuality.
Personal Mantra: Focus on the Good. Faith, family and friends are so important to me! Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Balancing Act off the Mat: I am a merchandise coordinator for Winston Retail part time. I also work part time at Root to Rise Wellness Bar! Wife to my best friend, Randy, celebrating our 38th anniversary in December. Mom to amazing grown kids: Jake, Garett, Meghan and wonderful daughter-in-laws Kristen and Gloria and adorable granddaughter and grandson. Mom to a beagle and terrier.
Good for the Soul: Staying motivated to exercise through arthritis issues with a positive attitude. Acting like a child with my sweet grandchildren! Spending quality time with family, friends and the therapeutic views of Lake Erie. I also love a variety of music, reading, gardening and decorating my home. A fan of the book, "The Blue Zones" by Dan Buetner, my goal is to live to see the age of 100!

nikki haghiri
Yoga Instructor

Called to Service:  I began my yoga journey in 2008 with Hatha style yoga.  A move to Ohio and a newly adopted child disrupted my practice.  In 2017 I found yoga on the lawn a mile from my home.  I quickly fell in love with Vinyasa.  RYT200 Soul Collective 2019 — Soul Stretch Yoga.
What's at the Core:  After 30 years in healthcare and 3 in Real estate I was longing for deeper purpose in what I do.  Yoga gives me the opportunity to help others heal.  Yoga brings the entire person to the mat.  Body, mind, and soul.
Personal Mantra:  No Mud, No Lotus.  We all go through difficulties, but that mud and muck is what helps your soul shine brighter.
Gurus:  Mother Mary, Wayne Dyer, Thich Nhat Hanh
Balancing off the Mat:  I’m a busy mom of four great kids and a traveling husband.  They are the greatest blessings God has bestowed upon me.  We enjoy watching the kids do their thing, be it dance, baseball, academics, or Kung fu.  
Good for the Soul:   Family vacations to OBX, siblings, girls night out, laughter.   Time spent by any large body of water!

lynn koch-lewis
Yoga Instructor

Called to Service: RYS-200 Omnigreen Hatha Yoga Certification
What's at the Core: Most of my life one of my main focuses has been fitness, weights, running, aerobics etc.  I wasn't ready for Yoga until one day I took some yoga classes and fell in love with Yoga!! Realizing the one part I was missing was totalness in mind, body and spirit in yoga practice.
Personal Mantra:   Relax and enjoy every moment we are given as each moment is a gift!!!
Balancing Act:  My Husband is an army officer and stationed in S. Carolina. That alone is a balancing act!!   We have 4 dogs and 1 cat !! We have 12 Grandchildren between us!!! I enjoy decorating our house (been in it not quite a year and a half) landscaping and gardening too. Oh yes and love entertaining and having parties!!!!!

tina roberts
Yoga Instructor

Called to Service:  In 2014 I met Rose and worked with her to have mobile yoga at Crocker Park, and I took my first class.  I fell in love and then once she was teaching at McKenna’s Bed and Breakfast I would go to her classes there as well.  Yoga became not only a workout, but a way to unwind from all the stress life can bring.  I knew right away I wanted to teach someday, but finally made the time to take my RYT200 Soul Collective 2020.  Helping others relax, unwind, and feel at one with themselves has only made my love for yoga grow.
What's at the Core:  My journey in life has not been a straight road, I have been through many curves and yoga has helped me accept the curves of my past and conquer the windy roads ahead of me.  It’s all about the journey.  We all have our own journey and I am so thankful to be able to help others follow the path they desire.
Personal Mantra:  Everything Happens for a reason, don’t stop believing.
Balancing off the Mat:  Vice President of Operations for a large developer, 3 amazing grown children, President of the Chamber board, and still finding time to spend with my dog Annie, working out, and playing on the lake. 
Good for the Soul:   My family, spending time with them at home or at the islands making memories.  My friends, laughing, listening and enjoying life.  Finding time alone to enjoy the peace and joy that life has to offer.

Tina Roberts
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