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Weekly Schedule
(Beginning August 24th)


9:30-10:30am • Restorative Yoga ALL LEVELS - with Kat
6-7pm • Soulful Flow- with Lori 
7:30-8:30pm • Powersoul Flow - with Allie 


9:30-10:30am • Face Your Fears: Absolute Beginners Yoga - with Anita
6-7pm •  Soul Yinyasa Flow - with Colleen
7:30-8:30pm • Powersoul Flow - with Andrea
VINO & VINYASA NIGHTS (Through Aug. 29th)
Come for a Class, Stay for a Glass! Wine included after evening classes in the garden.


9:30-10:30am • Powersoul Flow - with Deirdre
6-7pm • Powersoul Flow - with Rose
(Classes will be held outside in the Garden when the weather is good.)
7:30-8:30pm • Soulful Flow - with Andrea


9:30-10:30am • Face Your Fears: Absolute Beginners Yoga - with Anita
6-7pm • Soul Yin-Yasa Flow- with Nick
7:30-8:30pm • Powersoul Flow - with Kat


9:30-10:30am • Gratitude Friday Vinyasa Flow All Levels- with Kat
9-10am • MON AMI WINERY (Port Clinton) - with Rose


8-9am • Rise & Shine Vinyasa Flow - with Jim
9-10am • MON AMI WINERY (Port Clinton) - with Rose
9:30-10:30am • Weekend Warrior Vinyasa Flow - with Kat

Super Soul Sundays

7:45-8:45am • Rise and Soul Shine Vinyasa Flow - with Lori
10-11am • CROCKER PARK (Outdoors at the James Roche Theater) - with rotation of instructors. $10 Cash Only Drop-In.
7:30-8:45pm • Roots of Recovery Candlelight Yoga and Gong Meditation (75 min.) - with Jen

Class Descriptions

Weekend Warrior Vinyasa Flow
(All Levels)

Vinyasa-based sequence to build core strength, balance and flexibility.  Class themes will explore how we are all born to be warriors; strong, powerful, and brave; able to confront challenges head on and claim the life we want to lead.  This class will speak to anyone who yearns for a more abundant, authentic life.
Saturdays • 9:30-10:30am

Soul Yin-Yasa Flow
(Basics to All Levels)

A slower paced class with gentle flow and break down of how to get into the poses.  Lots of breathing and guided imagery completes the savasana.
Tuesdays & Thursdays • 6-7pm

Soul Seeds Basics
(All Levels)

Basics flow class focusing on building the foundation of our poses with proper alignment.

Powersoul Flow

Vinyasa-based flow featuring more vigorous and challenging poses.   Sequences will focus on core, strength and balance.
Mondays & Tuesdays • 7:30-8:30pm
Wednesdays • 9:30-10:30am & 6-7pm
Thursdays • 7:30-8:30pm

Soulful Flow
(All Levels)

Vinyasa-based flow intended to move you emotionally and physically.  Class will focus on building strength, flexibility and mindfulness.
Mondays • 6-7pm
Wednesdays • 7:30-8:30pm

Restorative ALL LEVEL

REstore, REset and WRING OUT your weekend! In this all-levels class, you will warm up with sun salutations (broken down for beginners) followed by time to stretch, rest, relax and prepare for the week ahead. NO EXPERIENCE necessary.
Monday • 9:30-10:30am

Face Your Fear: An Absolute Beginners Yoga Series

This regular series is designed for absolute beginners to help you “face your fears”, both on and off the mat. The first step is always the hardest- getting to your mat- that part is up to you. But, once you get there, Kat and Anita will help you relax and let go of whatever’s holding you back through breathing and poses. In these classes, you will learn basic yoga poses and Sun Salutations- and how to use props to support your practice. Above all, you will gain confidence and feel comfortable cultivating your very own yoga practice.
Tuesdays & Thursdays • 9:30-10:30am (1 hour)

Truth Bomb for the Soul Flow 
(All Levels - Intermediate)

Vinyasa-based sequence to build core strength, balance and flexibility.  Class will begin with a "truth bomb", a simple sentence or "truthism" that can change your mind, break open your heart, soothe your soul or hit you like a KA-BOOM!  Together, we will explore issues that include spirituality and personal fulfillment as well as share insights on how to live our best lives. (75 minutes)

Rise and Shine Vinyasa Flow

Wake up and greet the day with a vinyasa based sequence to include sun salutations, standing poses and floor work.
Saturdays • 8-9am
Sundays • 7:45-8:45am

We're taking YOGA outdoors to salute the sun all summer long!

Memorial Day through Labor Day 2017.
Check back for MORE outdoor summer events.

FRIDAYS 9-10am (Starting May 26th)
SATURDAYS 9-10am (Starting May 27th)
Mon Ami Restaurant & Historic Winery
3845 E. Wine Cellar Rd.  • Port Clinton
Classes take place RAIN OR SHINE! We will be outdoors near vineyards or on the covered concert stage.
Class Passes Apply or $13 Drop-In.

SUNDAYS 10-11am (Starting May 28th)
Crocker Park • Westlake
Classes take place outdoors in front of Raymond James Roche Theater. During inclement weather, classes will take place inside Eric Mull Gallery.
$10 Cash Drop-In Only.

Addiction & Recovery Classes

Yoga of 12-step recovery
Returning in the fall

Open to ALL those dealing with or touched by
any "A" or any addiction.

These classes will weave together yoga and  the practical tools of the 12 step programs to help people dealing with their own addictive behavior.  A one-hour discussion will follow each class. This is a donation class, suggested minimum $5.

roots of recovery
Candlelight SLOW FLOW & Gong meditation
Sunday evenings

Clear your mind and connect to your breath in our supportive, recovery-minded environment.  Enjoy a slow flowing class ending with deep stretch and GONG meditation. Transition into your week from a place of serenity. Open to everyone! Class is taught by Jen McCarter, a 200 hr. CYT of Rolf Gates, and a recovering alcoholic.
Drop in or class passes apply.

Open to all.

Corporate Yoga Services

We can still bring the YOGA to you!

For the business owner, HR person or company CEO, one of the most fun and easy ways to inspire and motivate your employees is to offer yoga classes at the office on a regular basis. Yoga classes are a low cost solution for companies wanting to reduce health care expenses, relieve workplace stress and promote employee well-being... And research shows that healthy employees are more productive and cost effective.  Contact Rose to learn how easy it is to bring yoga to your office.

Class Prices